Penetration Testing / Vulnerability Assessment

VAPT ( Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing ) is a pre-integrated service performed by our experts.
The foundations of our process ensure that each evaluation is carried out with careful attention to detail.

Some of our pillars:
  • Equipping our team with the latest tools & products.
  • Ensuring the team is up to date with the latest trends and exploits.
  • Confidentiality & Privacy throughout our assessments.
  • Detailed & well-documented engagement report.

The process of defining, quantifying, and prioritizing (or ranking) vulnerabilities in a system is known as vulnerability assessment. Nuclear power plants, information management systems, energy supply systems, water supply systems, transportation systems, and communication systems are only a few examples of systems for which vulnerability assessments are carried out. From small companies to massive metropolitan infrastructures, vulnerability evaluations may be performed.

Vulnerabilities in software, embedded systems, and IoT technologies are all something we search for on daily basis. We've discovered a slew of new zero-day flaws in a variety of technology frameworks and platforms, and our team of researchers has been assigned a slew of new CVE numbers for their efforts. We work with our clients ahead of time to provide concentrated research on a variety of applications and systems.

Security interventions should be well-targeted and linked to future consequences, risks, and vulnerabilities. Failure to do so may result in insufficient security measures as well as unnecessary or wasteful spending. A comprehensive threat and risk assessment allow for improved security measure targeting and decision-making.

Our consultants also use vulnerability evaluation software and manual exploration to perform an in-depth assessment of servers, routers, and security devices to evaluate the level of danger from external attackers. Organizations will better understand and assess security weaknesses in their systems, as well as the threats and risks that come with them, by conducting security and penetration tests in an ethical and competent manner.

The most critical aspects for a company are corporate continuity and supportive resources to ensure the business operates smoothly. Pentest can find security flaws in the infrastructure and include recommendations for addressing the threats found. The pentester/ethical hackers will provide you with a thorough report detailing the experiments and methods used by the team, as well as risk reduction suggestions.

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