Managed SOC

SOC analysts are the first respondents to cyber-attacks, and they're an essential part of any risk-reduction strategy.
SOC analyst's four main strengths are anticipation, detection, reaction, and resilience.

Our team has a lot of experience developing, implementing, tracking, maintaining, and upgrading security technologies in client environments. This can include break-fix improvements, security patches, essential patching, and project deployment assistance, all of which are backed up by vendor support. We also offers proactive reporting, service health reviews, and management reports that can be tailored to meet specific client needs.

With our professional staff and industry-leading technologies, we will prepare your team to find, track, and respond effectively to cyber attacks in your environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CyberNAS will prepare a SOC 24x7 monitored services to use threat intelligence to provide visibility and actionable pro-active feedback, resulting in a high degree of assurance for the organization.

CyberNAS also offers a robust Continuous Vulnerability Scanning service which scans your endpoints and reports detected vulnerabilities using cutting-edge technology implemented by security experts. This relieves your security team of the responsibility.

As a managed service, our professional experts will utilize their skills and knowledge in monitoring and responding to incidents, threats, and attacks. We will implement a cloud-based dedicated SOC for your organization and ensure that the latest technologies and best practices are being implemented to exceed your expectations.

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