Microsoft Global Training Partner

As a Microsoft Education Global Training Partner and with Expert Learning Consultants, we support educators and leaders to understand how to best use technology for learning.
CyberNAS engages with educators and school leaders through comprehensive trainings and professional development conferences supporting the educators’ skills development through the deployment of Microsoft technology products and curriculum. This will help educators improve their skills using the latest existing Microsoft technology.
CyberNAS consultants are aligned with Microsoft Education Transformation Framework and they deliver Teachers Academy workshops with various types and lengths of training sessions. We will be engaged with you to customize you with the trainings with a guarantee to deliver the training experience you and your educators need to improve and succeed.

Future Ready Skills

CyberNAS’s mission is to empower individuals and educational institutes’ leaders by providing them with the right guidance and professional development. Thus, CyberNAS ensures the empowerment of students by equipping them with the skills of tomorrow.

Certiport Authorized Testing Centers

By deploying Certiport Authorized Testing Centres, CyberNAS works closely with the educational institutes in order to have their students sit for the certification exams on the premises of their institutions.  In addition, they can be guided to leverage their available programs within their capacities.

Modern Classroom

With dedicated consultants and trainers on the team, CyberNAS will support the educational institutes with the preparation and set up of the Modern Classroom. We will support the educators to take learning outside the classroom, personalize their experiences to reach and engage all learners, provide several ways to interact with the content, such as  hands-on or game-based learning as well as immersive experiences using AR & VR.

Educational Transformation Framework

The way individuals collaborate, socialize, and work is changing rapidly. By the time the students of today become the graduates of 2030, the world will have been massively changed from anything previous generations have experienced.
The Microsoft Education Transformation Framework is a complete and efficient guide for leaders in education to navigate the complexity of transformation, visualise what is possible, and build the strategies to achieve it.
The framework provides examples of what works and what doesn’t to motivate and support you on the journey towards a successful educational transformation.
  • Leadership & policy
  • Teaching & learning
  • Intelligent environments
  • Student & school success

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