Digital Forensic 

Digital forensics is an essential component of every incident response plan. As a result, the organization's budgets, staff, practices, and procedures must all be discussed. Recognizing and minimizing these risks is not an exaggeration when it comes to a company's truth. Cyber attacks are becoming more complex, and companies can be hacked despite their best efforts.

Our team of digital forensics experts will assist you in recovering valuable evidence preserved in digital format if your organization requires it. We have successfully offered evidence in both prosecution and defense cases due to our decades of experience in criminal, civil, business, private, and legal aid cases.

Digital forensics is often used to determine what happened on a computer or other a portable electronic device, such as a mobile phone, tablet, or even a gaming console. Obfuscation tools such as encryption and privacy applications are often used by rogue workers in an effort to mask their inappropriate behaviors when operating on company time or trying to shield information from their spouses.

The most popular use of digital forensics in a court of law is to uncover and analyze electronic evidence. However, the procedure can be used in a variety of situations.

Many organizations that need a formal investigation that involves the compilation, detection, and authentication of digital information in order to recreate past incidents while retaining this data in its original form using the service.

Most workers who leave their business for a rival can't resist the temptation to take customer details, vendor supplier information, past quotes, employee information, and other information with them. The recently departed employee often uses this knowledge to steal away customers, suppliers, data templates, and staff from his/her former employer. As a result, hundreds of banker boxes worth of data can be copied in less than an hour to a portable USB storage unit that costs less than thirty dollars.

DFaas (Digital Forensic as a Service) is a complete process of investigations that starts with identifying the incident, preserving the findings as per the standards and requirements, and then reporting them.

We handle each case with the utmost confidentiality led by subject matter experts in the digital forensic field.

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