Cyber Ranges prepare students for real-world IT & cybersecurity roles with interactive learning scenarios that build skills that can be applied immediately on the job. In addition, it is an ideal way to invest in your team’s skills, enhance retention and prepare them to defend your environment.

BootUp CTF:
A series of Capture the Flags designed to give your team time to practice, problem-solve, compete, and learn. These challenges and competitions are perfect for practitioners at a beginner or an intermediate skill level using real-world scenarios.

A suite of hands-on, interactive learning scenarios that enable InfoSec & IT professionals to develop and master the real world with the in-depth skills they need to excel in their field. NetWars is available in multiple versions including Core, DFIR, Cyber Defense, ICS, and Power Grid.

It is the ultimate continuous tabletop simulation that develops cybersecurity leadership skills in a fun and collaborative environment. Designed for cybersecurity managers and aspiring leaders, this simulation allows players to improve the state of security for a fictional organization.

CyberCity is designed to teach cyber operators and InfoSec professionals the kinetic impact of their actions in the cyber domain. A 1:87 scale miniaturized physical city features ICS-controlled electrical power distribution, as well as water, transit, hospital, bank, retail, military, and residential infrastructures. CyberCity engages participants to defend the city's components from terrorist cyber-attacks, as well as to utilize offensive tactics to retake or maintain control of critical assets.

Jupiter Rockets:
A virtual red team simulation environment is designed to be attacked as a means of learning and improving your pen-testing skills.
The goal of the Range is to conduct a PenTest in order to discover vulnerable systems susceptible to exploitation by various methods. The goal is to take advantage of them to establish a foothold within the environment and harvest information (flags) via post-exploitation activity.

Cyber STX:
It is a live scenario-based Red versus Blue team event for both teams’ validation and sustainment training. The location of the physical infrastructure and training environment is selected by the customer. This challenging training simulation emulates a customer-defined Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). Participants must protect IT and OT infrastructure under active attacks.

For the above Cyber Ranges experience, all participants will receive a detailed assessment of their performance, and recommendations for additional training are available based on individual scoring.

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