About Us

Founded in 2013, CyberNAS is a cybersecurity organization based in Dubai, UAE. CyberNAS works with billion-dollar corporate platforms and has a track record of assisting companies, government organizations, SME’s, and conglomerates in implementing cybersecurity awareness training programs, advising leading chief information security officers and security business unit directors on developing their cybersecurity human capital that is operating in a fast-paced, high-growth progressive environment, in addition to building top class teams.


In the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, our mission is to empower individuals and organizations by delivering state-of-the art product services and solutions that will consistently minimize and eventually eliminate cyber threats. This will help achieve peak performance, fulfill unique potential, and service clients in the Middle East, North Africa, Levant and Southeast Asia.


Our vision is to create a presiding global cybersecurity culture for our partners by observing reliance on automation, inspecting real-time cyber threats, withstanding and defending against disruptive cyber events, strategizing cyber governance, enabling recovery of mission-critical systems, adapting and continuously self-assessing, and measuring the new state of cyber performance.


Persistence, integrity, family, teamwork, and efficiency are the core values and the fundamental building blocks of our organization. We assume responsibility well beyond the limits of our own company borders. To enable security within the digital world, we have partnered with leading organizations from around the globe to form a circle of trust.


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